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Insights about AWS S3 buckets!

Let's dive into the world of scalable object storage, discussing classes, file storage vs object storage, how to access S3 remotely through TNT drive, and more. Stay tuned for a journey through AWS documentation's treasure trove!

AWS: Unveiling the Power of Secure Access Management

AWS IAM Users – your key to finely tuned access control in the cloud! Join me as I break down the complexities, making IAM users crystal clear. From individuals to applications, understanding their roles and permissions is crucial. Let's empower your AWS journey together!

Learning Kotlin: 1 | Path to Android Development

Kotlin has been made particularly so that we can develop multi-platform applications and is quite similar to most of the programming languages. When I compare this with java, it has all of the Java libraries and is a easier version of it. If we go on web we can find that Kotlin is more preferred over java as development becomes more easier with Kotlin.